Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six Years Ago Today July 16th

Us back then in the younger years: Harley age 25 and I age 28.
Six years ago today Harley and I were married at the Point Definace Park Japanese Garden in Tacoma Washington by Pat Lyon.
Here is something special I created for those of you who missed our wedding, did not see the photos, or would like to see them again to reminise. This is only a small sampling of the oodles we have. The following are the professional photos and I hope to add more to the slide show as time progresses. For those of you who have visited our site a, those wedding photos are from my brother's digital camera. We also have several fun photos of the reception that our good friend Stacy Olver took for us with our Nikon.
You may also be connected to the slideshow link by clicking on the lighthouse in the title of this post.

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Angel said...

I remember that beautiful day! You and the "H" Man were looking mighty good and the love you both have for each is was and still is as strong as ever. I love you both!