Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh the Headaches!

Ok I am entering this blog late in the game so I will be trying to play catch up.

I had another headache at 7 am concentrated on the left side of my brain and in the back of my head. I took my friend Excedrin that seems to work like a charm! It takes a half hour to kick in and I get nauseated from the pain while waiting.

From what I understand, I am getting the headaches either from steroid withdrawl or from the tumor swelling. I stopped taking the steroids on January 31st. I was last taking prednisone (before I was on decadron several times since treatment). The day after I stopped the prednisone, the headaches began. The first was concentrated in my sinuses and around my eyes. On average I have two headaches a day at least and take excedrine twice a day. IB-Profen which seemed to be my choice pain reliever prior, is absolutely useless now!

Harley (my husband) seems to think I am having migranes because I have also experienced a few bouts of double vision this week and a couple times (Thursday and Saturday morning) I experienced light flashes in total darkness. The light flashes seemed to happen when I first woke up early in the morning (between 5 and 6:30 am) and blinked my eyes. The best way to describe it is like the feeling you get when a camera flash goes off in your eyes. They only last a second or two and appear to be in a patterned light blue formation. The double vision was apparent while driving and reading captioning on a movie.

Oh yeah, originally the headaches started around my eyes but then they became concentrated at the back of my head. Immediately after each treatment I experienced headaches around my eyes and sinuses which I attributed to the bright California sun as I forgot my sunglasses. Each treatment was 30 minutes with my eyes closed so I thought the sun was too much of a shock for me. I now believe that the sinus headaches were a side effect of the radiation.

It is weird because I had the tumor on the right side treated but I often feel pain mostly on the left side of my brain. Now that I am experiencing them in the back of the head, I can only guess that this is pressure on the brainstem as both tumors are squishing it. On my January MRI, the distance measured between the tumors on either side of my head was 7 mm! My brainstem is between that short distance!


Steven said...

Hang in there Rebecca! I find that my blog is good therapy, but if yours starts causing headaches/stress, just leave it be for a while. I"ll send you an email about those formatting questions you asked me (busy with work stuff right now.)

Don Walker said...

Rebecca, your web site is awesome. Thank you for sharing. I will stay in touch.

Don Walker

Rebecca said...

Thanks Don! I hope Tiffany is doing well! Please send her a hello from me.

Steven, you have fantastic links on your page! Please let me know how to add links so that I can add your page to mine!

- Rebecca :o)

Donald Walker said...

Rebecca, Tiffany is recovering well, but as you may know, She did loose quality hearing ability in the right ear(tumor was at 1 cm when removed). On a scale of 1 to 10 she's at about 3 for hearing. Hearing test is scheduled for 16 Mar 05. Once we konw the results, then we'll review options. Hearing is still good in left ear, and the tumor is currently at 2 to 3 mm. Working with surgeons in San Antonio, Tx and Dr. Brackmann at House for guidance. However, I have not ruled out advice out Johns Hopins. As a loving parent, my goal is to my best to help her have the best quality of life possible. Rebecca, thanks for asking about Tiffany, and if there is anything that I can help you with, please let me know. Last but not least, please tell Harley that I said hello. Best Wishes

Don Walker

Kristy said...

Rebecca, welcome to Blogger! I'm glad that you've chosen to blog, it's a good way to deal with stress, I have found.
Let's get together soon!
I-L-Y ;) (too bad I don't have any pictures of ASL handshapes on my computer!)

Ayushi (Arohi) said...

How are you doing now?