Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surgery Date Scheduled

Well as of this past Friday we have a confirmation of a surgery date. As a bonus I got the date which was my first choice AND in the MORNING ON A MONDAY. This is all good. Why I stress the morning and monday is that according to the article in the July Issue of UW News and World Report (recommended by Marie Drew) it suggests making surgeries in the morning and on Monday or earlier in the week when a doctor is "refreshed".

Thanks mom and dad and aunt Barb and uncle Jason for providing me copies of the issue with the article in it. While I was visiting on the family trip the last week of July, I went through this fantastic coverage to learn everything about having a surgery, choosing a hospital, surgery time and what to know (what happens before and after). This was a GREAT resource!

Thank you so much Marie for informing me about it when I was asking all the NF2 crew members specifics about their surgery experiences. LOL I highlighted the article like mad! It was like I was back in grad school studying the finer points of academia for the purpose of attaining knowledge for discussion, improvement of self skills, and eventually putting things into practice and forming a portfolio.

The facility I have chosen will be the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR and the surgeons will be Dr. Johnny Delashaw and his surgical partner Dr. Sean McMenomy.

A link to OHSU and credentials of Dr. Delashaw are provided in the post title above. (just click on the lighthouse icon).

Interestingly I just added the surgery to my little appointment book. While doing so I noticed that each page has little quotes above (I knew that but had not read or noticed them for awhile). The page for the week of October 22nd has a very fitting and ironic quote which I will share here.

"Man's brain is, after all, the greatest natural resource."
- Karl Brandt

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