Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gracing Us With Their Presence

Yesterday I took the dogs for the walk closest to our house (Daniel's Ranch). It is a good place to walk not only because it is safe but also because it has a giant hill I can go up and down. When I trained for the Seattle marathon in 2006, this neighborhood and hill was part of my strength training regimen. Thus, it is good walk to incorporate into my training for the Big Climb of Columbia Tower skyscraper in March. We climbed the hill up and down 3 times within an hour.

On the second pass down the hill we were blessed with the lovely sight of a graceful doe grazing on the patch of lawn between two houses. The dogs behaved very well and the doe went about her business.

As we gazed at her gently wandering around taking the most proper of steps like a queen, we spotted another one in someone's driveway a few feet away. Both of the deer casually strutted into the yard and we saw another one slowly passing through the sapling size trees until it emerged.

What a wonderful treat!

I am a very visual person and take great pleasure in natural wonders. I have been blessed with many astonishing sites here (rainbows, wild flowers and poppies, sunsets, etc.) that at first I felt was a shame I did not have my camera. But then I realized that the sites were wonderful gifts meant for me to enjoy as it is instead of worrying about how to best capture it.

Just a few days ago we spotted a majestic great blue herring rise from the pond where I had previously seen a beaver playing in the water. Life is just grand!

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