Friday, March 14, 2008

New Growth

Spring is really fantastic! It is my favorite season and a special time of year for me. On Good Friday (April 9th) of 1993 I had my very last chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. So like the beautiful blossom we found last week on our hike, I too emerged from the harsh winter where cancer tried to beat me down.

I have always loved spring but it has come to be a very symbolic time of exciting change in my life for me. In the fall was the time for me to get surgery, to rest, and to recuperate. Now is the time for me to burst out of the shoot with the new being I have transformed into.

It is so thrilling! The sweet aroma of lovely blooms and color of the new life emerging everywhere around me tickles my senses giving me a warm fuzzy and that "high on life" feeling.

Friday I witnessed the 1st 2 sunny yellow blooming daffodils of the season along with white and pastel pink lily of the valley bushes (perius japicona), beds of purple, white, and striped crocuses, white, pink, and violet heather, and pink camellia flowers looking like perfect roses on a tree.

Since then it has only continued to flourish. Monday I saw shopping center flower beds overflowing with white daffodils bearing yellow centers, several trees in bloom with flowers that appeared like dainty snowflakes, more purple crocuses, and dark purplish pink buds beginning to open on the crab apple and cherry trees.

No wonder it is called the "season of love" as the senses are overpowered with delight!

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