Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Today is a great day to be a survivor

Today is my special day......the day I have been looking forward to for years. It is the 15th anniversary of my final chemotherapy treatment. Even though I had 2 and a half weeks of radiation in May and confirmation of my remission at a July 1993 checkup, today was the day in my mind that the saga with cancer was finally over and it was just a matter of waiting each year until I was considered cured. I responded so well to the 6 months of chemotherapy that the doctors pretty much said the cancer was gone and the radiation was to follow for extra assurance. Although I had a few side effects with the radiation, it was so much better than the poison which had been pumped through my body for months. It is an irony. To kill the cancer I was given toxins that also attacked my good cells leaving me with several unpleasant side effects which made me sick where I felt like dying.

If I had not made it through the rough seas, I would have never met my husband and the wonderful people who have inspired me and enhanced my journey . I have been lucky to pursue several things in life and experience many joys. I could not have imagined how lucky I would become. I have been truely blessed!

For today I am going to take advantage of that joy and celebrate. This afternoon my sister and I are going to one of my favorite places in place of serenity where I am surrounded by the beautiful creations which God has given us....the volunteer park conservatory. Then we will walk in the sun among the cherry trees blooming in the University of Washington courtyard where the College of Education building I attended is located. If time allows, we will walk on the path in the Washington Arboretum where daffodils are in abundance and more cherry trees are scattered.

This evening DJ, Michelle, Harley, and I will continue the celebration at a restaurant near the trail I run on.

Have a beautiful day!

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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, Becky! I share in your gratefulness. Here's wishing you all the stength you need, always!

Kathy said...

This is fantastic news!! It sounds like you had oodles of fun things planned for your special day. =) Hope you had fun. Cheers to many more cancer free years!!!