Friday, May 30, 2008

Motivation - Never Give Up!

Henry Ford and Ryan Pearce's quotes in my own words:

"If you think you can, you will! If you think you can't, you won't"

Living with NF this theme is constant. So many times for so many things it is tempting to just give up because you are so tired out or feel insignificant. It is a constant mental game and battle to keep oneself going and to endure through all the frustrations to persevere.

Recently I met a fellow cancer survivor who endured a stem cell transplant as she had a rare cancer of the bone marrow. Having had been a cancer patient also and going through the trauma of possibly losing hair, having it thin, then having to get it cut off, cancer side effects, the rollercoaster ride of steroids, and similarities we have endured (she with her cancer and now I with my battle with NF2), we had lots in common and stories to share. She had a remarkable attitude.

While every cancer patient endures their own challenges, I saw her battle with cancer as more difficult to fight then what I had with my own. Yet, she has a great outlook and despite many hardships she is vibrant and a cheerful person to be around. She wrote to me that she REFUSES to give in to the cancer. I thought that was great! NF2 is like that also and at times I get really battered down but I REFUSE to give up! Our NF2 motto is "Never Give Up!".

I am going to run a 5K this weekend and next weekend because I can. If I can do it, why not? Why give up and squander the gifts I have hidden inside. Some people may think I am nuts that I am going to walk 31.5 miles but I believe I can so I will!

Sure there will be moments nagging at me to stop but I am determined. I REFUSE to back down and let NF2 continue to take hold of me and others and not do anything about it.

Sean Swarner, a 2 time cancer survivor and the founder of cancer climber is one of my sources of inspiration. His words I ponder often and they help me to push through whatever challenge I am facing.

"No matter what your goal, never lose sight, never lose focus, and always keep climbing."

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Kathy said...

Becky, I just love your blogs! You are also a great inspiration & it is so very uplifting. I love your enthusiasm & I hope that I portray even a smidgen of the keep on keeping attitude that fills your life. You are amazingly strong & I don't blame you one bit for doing what you can, while you can. I think for some people it's only when one is faced with the reality that one day they may not be able to continue to do the things they aspire to do, do they actually get motivated. You continue to motivate me & remind me so often to not give up with my MM & keep on truckin on!! =)