Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Jane: "We are going to go here. - Middle Falls"
Me: "No. I want to go here! - Upper Falls"
Jane and I happy at the lower falls and ready to continue on.

Thursday September 11th, the anniversary of my terrible downturn last year with trigeminal neuralgia prompting a sooner date for my first surgery, Jane and I set out on a hike I have not been on in over 10 years. It was an absolutely beautiful day and perfect for a hike! The weather was great and the trail had a very low number of users. The reason I have not returned to this hike in so many years (even before I lost balance) is that it is very popular on the weekends so much so that the parking lot is always full.
This is the first time in 4 years that I have felt brave and confident enough to handle the terrain. Therefore, I wanted to go all out and reach the upper falls. Beyond that point is pretty back country and many people have gotten lost so there is a warning about being prepared and having the necessities for an extended hike.
Afterward Jane took me out for my favorite Thai food to celebrate my 31.5 mile accomplishment. What a terrific way to end a fabulous day of hiking!
Thanks Jane! Spending the day hiking with you was absolutely wonderful and the dinner was equally as marvelous!
I of course took many photos but will have to post them next week when I return. So keep checking back as there is more to come! :o)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that hike was so much fun - and I pretty much could keep up with you because you take so many pictures!! Jane