Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rolling In

Success! I am giving Mike the thumbs up that everything is cool! This is after I have already given Harley the OK symbol after my back entry into the water. Mike and I are hanging out waiting for Harley to gear up and enter the water.
A view of me from the opposite side about to do a back entry
(click on the photo to see a larger view and you will be able to see a magnificant shot of Mt. Rainier in the back drop on the right side of the picture (at the back of the zodiac).

Me (in the pink) sitting on the edge of the zodiac ready to roll back into the water while Harley (standing in the blue) checks to make sure my gear is all together correctly.

Here are a few photos compliments of our dive buddy Mike Fitz of my 2nd boat entry on the dive last Sunday.

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