Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conquering the terrain!

Here are a few pics of the mountain pass trail I hiked on Wednesday with cancer survivor friends. Looking back at the photos I am really amazed that I accomplished this. It is definitely a remarkable gift from God that I prayed for and thanked the entire hike and there after. Let's hope there are many more hikes like this to come! What a dream!

Location - Snow Lake in Snoqualmie Pass


Jamie said...

Way to go, Beck! I love that feeling of simultaneously feeling extremely humbled and exhilarated. Awesome!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I totally had one of those day yesterday too! I did my 6th solo hike of the season of 14 I have completed. I hiked a local mountain over 4000 feet and scrambled up rocks the last 50 feet or so to see the fantastic views of Mt. Rainier and the panorama of the Cascades. I was filled with complete gratitude of this accomplishment and satisfaction combined with euphoria on the way down. Surely I forged new brain pathways from the experience!