Friday, September 11, 2009

Surgery Psychology 101

Wild dreams have begun!

Last night I was a mountain climber scaling the snowy peaks of South America. Next, I learned the bizarre tale of my neighbor's dogs having their own fridge stocked with giant rectangular pizzas and cans of beer for when their owners are away. To my astonishment, the dogs knew how to open the fridge to access their pizzas on the bottom shelf and crack open a brew when thirsty!

Those dreams were pretty cool. But this evening's was not such a joy, although it did have a moment of lightheartedness. I was in the hospital for my 2nd surgery and filled with anxiety once again. Last time, I had to be at the hospital by 6 am but my surgery did not happen until the afternoon. So this time I was told to check in at noon but I forgot to tell everyone. For whatever reason, I showed up early anyhow and then felt bad when everyone else did too.

In the preparation hours beforehand, it was darn IV time again! (I hate IV time!). But it was worse than just IV time. Feeding tubes the thickness of a pencil had to be shoved in my arm and leg! It was disgusting and worse than getting an IV! They had to feed me this way before the surgery as last time I got horribly ill from the anesthesia and could not eat for a few days without violently vometing.

Just when the horror got started, there was room for comic relief and a most ridiculous one at that. While this feeding tube drama was going on, all of a sudden something in the distance caught my brother's undivided attention as if he had seen God himself in the flesh! Then everyone in the hospital rushed over to the windows to witness the same scene. "What the heck are they looking at?" I wondered.

Then I saw it. A man was running through the lobby with a surprise ice cream came in the shape of an upside down ice cream cone. How bizarre that all these people would be attracted to something so trivial at such a time. The history of my brother is that he has ALWAYS loved birthday cakes and especially ice cream ones! So I could sort of understand his fascination. But what about all the other people?

So what does all this mean?......well, a bunch of things in my mind all jumbled up together while I try to hold back the stress.

The past 2 books I have been reading are about incredible mountain climbers who have persevered. I have long had an admiration for climbers and dreamed of being one.
Today I began having some serious apprehension about going through the surgery again while recalling some of the unpleasantries I will have to endure. Over the past couple of days, the reality of the surgery fast approaching has set me in a bit of a panic. I am a bit worried as I have a task/project list a mile high and not enough days to accomplish it all single handedly.
Finally, my birthday is in less than 2 weeks but really is insignificant to me with all that is going on. As I have begun to feel the pressure rise, my mother-in-law advised me to relax and think about pleasant thoughts such as what kind of birthday cake I am going to have.

Now, how do the dogs with beer and pizza fit into the equation? I have absolutely no idea! Maybe it is my mind's way of throwing in a little bit of entertainment. My dogs love pizza so why would'nt other dogs too?

What a mind trip, eh? What interesting episodes are in store for tomorrow evening?

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