Thursday, February 04, 2010

Danger of the Lack of Quality Sleep

Another great article by Dr. Mercola and of paricular interest to those fighting cancer, illness, and with tumors such as NF2. Lack of sleep can affect tumor growth and your immune system needed to fight them.

Lost Sleep Can Never Be Made Up

Researchers, however, will tell you that a sleep deficit can have serious, far-reaching effects on your health. Among them:

•A single night of sleeping only four to six hours can impact your ability to think clearly the next day.

•Good sleepers and poor sleepers experience about the same number of daily minor stressful events, but good sleepers are less disturbed by them. Poor sleepers experience life events as being more negative than do those who sleep well.

•Sleep deprivation can cause changes in your brain activity similar to those experienced by people with psychiatric disorders.

•Sleep deprivation puts your body into a pre-diabetic state, and makes you feel hungry, even if you’ve already eaten.

•Interrupted sleep can dramatically weaken your immune system

•Tumors grow two to three times faster in laboratory animals with severe sleep dysfunctions.

Click the title "Lost Sleep Can Never Be Made Up" link above to read the full article by Dr. Mercola and to learn what to do to get better quality rest.


Anonymous said...

So, I'm up late surfing the Web...and I run into your article about the lack of sleep. Your story is fascinating and heartbreaking. NF2 picked the wrong Yooper to fight with. God bless.

Scott Anderson
Wells, MI

Rebecca said...

Hi Scott! Nice to hear from you! My email is bluediverbeck at yahoo dot com.

How are you doing?