Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family - September 10, 2010 Apple Valley, MN

Wedding of 1st cousin Courtnie De Grand to Mike Higgins

Auntie Barb (dad's sister) looking on as the wedding party walk down the isle

1st cousin Amelia (Barb's daughter - the tiny girl behind the minister) ready to fulfill her duty as the flower girl

1st cousin Nate, Amelia's brother, peaking out from behind the bench in the front row

The groom, the bride's brother cousin Brice (far left with aviator sunglasses), and wedding party look upon with wonder as the bride approaches

bride Countnie escorted by my aunt and uncle (dad's brother) Al and Sharilyin De Grand

3 generations - 2nd cousin Elaine, aunt Diane, Uncle Wayne De Grand (dad's brother), 1st cousin Noel De Grand, 1st cousin Jennifer De Grand (the mommy), 2nd cousin Miles, Andy (the daddy)

Uncle Jason, cousin Amelia, and Aunt Barb watch intently as the couple profess their vows

Mike utters promises of love to Courtnie the gushing bride

Mom and Dad gaze on in the joy of nostalgia

The Kiss

Introduction of the newly married happy couple

The Send Off

The best flavor cheesecake at our table - My kind of wedding! ;-)

Flowers fromt the heart! :)

Our traveling clan - mom, Harley, me, Michelle, and dad

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Sharilyn said...

Love all of the pics! Can't believe it's going on 3 weeks since the wedding. It's still so fresh in my mind. What a beautiful day! Thanks again for being here to share in the festivities. Love you!