Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Adventures of Diverbeck

crafty designer extraordinaire - my mom
The creative mastermind of the photo puzzle - my sister

The day before the marathon my mother and sister through me a very special 40th surprise birthday party.

One thing you must know, my sister and I LOVE to try to outwit each other! :-) We do this every year by creating the most ingenious clues for an easter egg scavenger hunt. Then we laugh histerically when one of us gets stumped trying to figure out the brain teaser the other was thinking. hehe

So what my sister did was create a collage of many of my escapades over the years and cleverly made a statement about each picture corresponding number on the photo. All the pictures were laid out onto the table and everyone had to walk around with a list describing each photo but without any numbers on the sheet. They had to determine which statement matched with a photo.

It was a brilliant game! And no I did not get them all correct but I did get the MOST correct. I almost figured them all out but there was a time crunch because we had to leave to get to the team pasta dinner. So she definitely stumped me!

Next to the photo of my mom is a photo album my sister put together for me of many spectacular things I have done over the last 6 years since recovering after the bad time I had following radiosurgery (which really shook my world as I knew it). It is one of the most loving gifts I have ever received! I know I live a lot of life but looking back at the collage she put together is pretty amazing. I really didn't know just HOW MUCH I have been living. Wow! It holds a very special place in my heart and I will treasure it for eternity. Someday when I am old and tired out, I will sit in a comfy chair and with each turn of the page I will be reminded of how I captured the most I could out of life. Then I can be pleased when the day comes that it will be time to rest. :)

The Adventure Lives On!

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