Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WELL THAT BITES! (Literally)

Gee I just noticed that my 3rd or 4th tooth crumbled apart. I can only guess that it either happened today while I was eating or while I was flossing as the gum area is bleeding.

Wow that material I read about teeth decay after chemotherapy and radiation was no joke! You expect all these things to happen instantaneously but these effects are long term. I read about it while going through chemotherapy 13 years ago and right on the dot the teeth problems started within 7-8 years but rapidly advanced following my radiosurgery treatment in 2004.

It is an ironic thing...dry mouth. Apparently my mouth gets to dry sometimes which increases tooth decay. However, I noticed myself drooling profusely today.

Yeah I have not told your that yet. I need to keep conscious and aware of many things. Drooling is one of them. If I am concentrating really hard on something and don't realize my mouth is not fully shut and especially if I happen to be looking down doing something like chopping vegetables or reading a book, I start drooling on myself like a baby.

A few times I have caught myself doing this in public and startled I quickly concealed my habit and looked around to make sure nobody noticed. Because of this drooling habit, I was thinking my dry mouth habit went away and I started doing behaviors not condusive to a dry mouth habit.

In particular, I had swallowed a large lump of rice from a Thai dinner about a week ago. I literally started choking as the lump became lodged in my esophagus. It felt like I was having a dang heart attack! If you have seen the sequel to the movie "Underworld" where Scott Freeman (who has become a lycan) tries to eat normal mortal food it is like that, I had an incredible pain in my chest and started gagging as I could not swallow the lump of rice. I could not fully lodge it from my esophagus either. For those who do not understand why I am such a slow eater, this is one of the reasons why. If I take too large a bite I either cannot chew with my mouth fully closed or I nearly choke when I tried to swallow such a massive bite.

Anyhow, the tooth must have fallen apart when I got brave and crammed some tortilla chips and snack mix with nuts down my throat. This evening my throat started to swell up and become sore. I then remembered the scratchiness of the chips I forced down the food tube. In the mist of munching and grinding on the crunchies, a piece of my tooth must have broken apart and I swallowed it!

This one is pretty bad and I am not sure what will be done. I was due to have a crown put on this tooth (yes I had a root canal done on it a few years back and never got the crown due to the expensive cost.....AHEM! LET THIS BE A WARNING TO YOU DJ TO GET YOUR BUTT INTO THE DENTIST AND CROWN THOSE DANG TEETH!)

I have a new dentist as of last summer who did root canals and placed crowns on the other teeth that crumbled apart last summer. Last time Harley was at the dentist he reminded him that I have one more crown to put on the tooth with an old root canal. I have a cleaning this month and was thinking about when would be the best time to schedule the appointment for (HOPEFULLY) the last crown I will need. I guess this incident has determined when I will be going in which will be a little earlier than I was thinking.

Gee, I remember when I was a little kid that I thought someone in their 30s was old. LOL then I became a teen and thought wow 30s must be the life! Now I am back to thinking I often feel very old in my 30s with all this stuff that happens. I keep falling apart and finding ways to piece myself back together and salvage what is left!

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