Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sunny Day on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Pond north of Carnation along HWY 203 and the Snoqualmie
Valley trail.

View of the Cascade south of the Stillwater area along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail

I took these photos on January 23rd during the nice week we had here. The c0mplete set I took from the Snoqualmie Trail in Carnation can be viewed by clicking on the lighthouse icon in the post title. I made nice captions explaining everything this morning but unfortunately all my work was futile as I did something which erased everything....COMPLETELY FRUSTRATING!
Anyhow, I am having a difficult learning moment. I cannot even figure out why my text in this post is pulling to the right and not on an even margin so sorry if this is awkward to read. I am unsure how to fix it. It is really annoying to the point I think I might have to walk away from the computer for awhile to do something else.

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