Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking a Hopefully Short Break

Alas at the time of my last post I was right. I was unsuccessful at warding off the bug of the season. Thursday morning I awoke with the full on chest cold and had to cancel my walk with my sister. I took the day off from the gym too and did not go anywhere.

Since then I have been improving but there is still a wheeze in my chest. I have been downing vitamin C, a multivitamin, echinanacea (both the tea and the supplement), Immune Fizz drink, cough syrup, and eating oranges daily combined with theraflu cold for the first four days. I have to boost my immune system as much as possible to fight off any infections as I will be on steroids for 2 more months which weaken my immunity.

So far my precaution and efforts have paid off and I have been able to return to walks with the dogs and the gym. Friday we went to the dog park, Saturday I went to the dog park and gym, and then Sunday was a beautiful day where I felt up for taking a hike with our dogs and my sister on Squak Mountain. Yesterday it rained all day and then snowed so it was another day off from walking and the gym.

Coupled with the wheeze in my chest and snow on the ground (too slippery for my footing), I will have to hold off on running for a bit and restart my training when my lungs are clear.

I also missed the body vive class the day I was sick and then this Thursday we will be going to Portland for my eye appointment. Therefore, I will not be able to try it out until next week.

The snow is still on the ground but it is an absolutely beautiful day where I just cannot let it slip by without a walk. Even the wheeze can't keep me inside for long. ;o)

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