Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Unlocking the Mystery of Propolis

In the NF community, propolis is the hot experimental topic right now. Studies done in Germany and Japan have revealed NF tumor suppression in mice. Currently there is an unofficial worldwide trial going on. About 100 people are taking the supplement Propolis BIO 20 from Manuka Health in New Zealand.

Patients around the world have only been taking the Propolis within the last year so there are many questions in everyone's minds and those quietly waiting for results while asking themselves "Should I start taking it too?".

Other than the hope that it brings in suppressing tumors and holding off the need for future surgery and treatments, Propolis is very attractive because it is a non-toxic health supplement with almost no risk (I say almost because there is a very small percentage who may develop an allergy to it). Further, the benefits from taking propolis are great and it has been used by many cultures for many ages. So it is a win-win situation worthy of a try if you have NF2.

But before you take the final leap and even if you are already taking it, here is some great information to better understand this supplement. And the benefits are not only applicable to people with NF2, but virtually anyone who meets the requirements (an example of those who do not are pregnant women and possibly asthmatics).

By the way, this supplement is currently being researched for treating pancreatic cancer and HIV.

What is Propolis?

Benefits of Propolis

History of Propolis

Safeness of Propolis?

Propolis Allergy

I hope this information helps answer your questions and also introduces many of you to the benefits of this fantastic health supplement. Remember, THIS IS NOT ONLY FOR NF2 PEOPLE BUT EVERYONE!

I justed ordered a 3 month supply today from Manuka Health in New Zealand and will keep you informed on how I react to it.

By the way, I have been drinking Green Vibrance every morning and really enjoy it! I eat vegetables, but for those who do not, you should really consider drinking the green vibrance mixed in your favorite juice!

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