Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Day Off The Steroids Going Well

Wow! Time really flies! I can't believe April is ending already and that I have been on the steroids for a month. Today is my first day without them. I was a little concerned about this date approaching but so far it seems to be going well. I have been able to eat and I have no head pressure or headaches.

My balance still feels a little sketchy but I am not sick with vertigo or dizziness. This could be attributed to either the tumor dying more and the pressure going down or the fact that the opthamalogist increased (doubled) my dosage of diamox 2 weeks ago. In case you missed it in an earlier post or do not know, the diamox was prescribed to me because the swelling of the tumor was causing swelling of my optic nerves and some vision problems. Diamox is often prescribed to mountain climbers who succumb to altitude sickness as a method to relieve swelling in the brain.

Okay is nice outside and I have to walk the dogs today. I gave them a break yesterday because Katie looked sore from hiking on Tuesday. I wanted to give her a day of rest so I went to the gym and used the stairmaster instead. I also have to pick up my refill of diamox as I used the last of it this morning.

Have a great day! :o)


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