Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sorry for the absence

For those of you following along, the last I left you is when I had returned from vacationing in Oregon back in March. I informed you that I was sick again.

Fortunately I have a great doctor here who gets back to me right away via email. I was really sick on that Wednesday so Harley gave him a call and he agreed to quickly remedy my suffering and approve another course of steroids that I started that day.

It took a few days for it to fully take affect and I missed my walks most of the week and slept alot but I am doing good now.

Unfortunately after that occured, the dang computer became locked up on me! I had plans to catch up on the blog but I could not even connect to the internet. It says my computer is infected with spyware and adware but I have to connect to the internet to fix the problem. I have to admit that I still have to fix the problem. I have been too frustrated to do so.

I have been borrowing Harley's laptop intermitently to check email but I admit that I have a horrible time trying to type on this tiny keyboard. I finally am starting to get used to it and have enough flow to write some emails and create a few posts here. Normally I use an ergonomic keyboard which is much easier as my hands do not coordinate so well anymore since treatment (difficulty manipulating small things such as necklace clasps, openning zip lock bags, tying ribbon or string, typing, etc.).

But I am here and I am okay now. I restarted the steroids on March 30th for another month. This thursday I will again restart a taper down to 2 mg a day. The last time I tapered I had headaches so I am hoping it will not happen this time. After thursday I will take 2 mg a day for two weeks and stop and then we will see how my body responds.

I found a picture of me after my first cyberknife treatment. My face was definitely alot smaller even though my weight was higher. You can see dimples slightly on either side of my face which are definitely gone now. The steroids have made my face more round and what I refer to as "chipmunk-like". I don't care for it much but it evens out the wrinkles and sure the heck beats having bad headaches, throwing up, and not being able to get out of bed.


Steven said...

Becks, get Ad-Aware by Lavasoft, and Spybot: Search and Destroy. Run Spybot first, then Ad Aware. Note that this may take a *long* time if you have a bunch of spyware/malware in your computer. Both of these are free.



Now, I hope you've learned about clicking popup boxes and opening attachments sent by strangers! :)

Be sure to also update your antivirus and run a full scan. Some of this bad stuff out there will actually delete your antivirus! There's a free open source antivirus that's good, called "Avast!" if you don't have a current version of McAffee or Norton.

Drop me a line at my blog if you need any help.


Rebecca said...

Well Harley was able to burn my files on the computer to a CD. Now we have to reload the operating system because it is really fried and will not connect to the internet at all. The only problem is that we can't find the operating system disks from our move nearly two years ago. I am not even sure if I had some.

I will let you know what happens. Thanks for the advice. I sure miss having a stable and working home station. I want it fixed already!

swissred said...

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