Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Cutest Thing

The included link discusses China's research into the role dogs (and animals) play in helping improve patient attitude and recovery. My dogs make me really happy and create a pleasing release from thinking about NF2 and the things I am going through. I can't imagine my life without them.

Last night I fell asleep on the daybed next to the large windows overlooking the deck and yard. I awoke to a funny but cute surprise. There are two plastic whiskey barrel pots containing lavendar just outside the window and literally adjacent to the daybed. One of the pots has a ceramic bunny planter sitting inside it.

Amazingly Jake had managed to climb into the pot and squeeze himself next to the ceramic bunny! He was all curled up sleeping but crushing the lavendar plant Harley had bought me. I did not have the heart to wake him up and shew him out of the pot. I decided to wait until Harley came home from work 15 minutes later.

It was so cute that it was hard to get mad at him. I wish we had taken a picture. I let Harley do the deed of telling him to get out of the pot. He knew he was in trouble as he was quivering but he also knew he was cute as he was wagging his tail. Therefore, Harley decided to help him resist the temptation by surrounding the planters with deck chairs.

This is just one of the small things I like about having my dogs around. When they play together it is fun to watch them. They have games just like ordinary children where they play hide-n-seek, chase, or bury and find the bone. There are also times when they cuddle up with one another.

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Angel said...

Its really funny, cuz when Blue gets into trouble and I am chewing her out, she does this Aliggator grin thing. Its hilarious!