Sunday, June 12, 2005

Love That Aroma!

It is interesting h0w my sense of scent has become heightened since the deafness. I don't know if this is true for all people afflicted with NF 2. For me though, I can't seem to get enough of pleasing scents.

I have generally been one to stop and literally smell the roses even before I lost all my hearing. But now I can bury my nose within one flower and not want to leave. It as though I cannot sniff enough essense out of it!

A couple of the scents that were always my favorite were fresh linens (blankets) that my mother hung on the clothes line while I was growing up. LOL That is provided the nearby farm was not running liquid manure that day and the wind not had shifted it in our direction.

Later, as an adult living in Seattle, I use to cherish the smell of the sea salt combined with wild roses as I raced against the sunset on my rollerblades at Alki beach.

Now I know those are not examples of scents as a deaf person but now I can literally be on a walk in the countryside and smell a hamburger at the gas station a mile away! I have often noticed that I can either smell things that others cannot or I smell them long in advance.

A few of my recent favorites are:
1) the realization the large blueberry bushes grow flowers that have a very pleasing and a light but sweet aroma
2) the smell of the earth at dusk, during the rain, or after a fresh rain
3) today the scent of fresh quilts out of the dryer that I could become lost forever in

Of course there are many others such as most fruiting trees or aromatic flowers (hyacinth, freesia, and daffodil), and the smell of my husband's deoderant and a clean white t-shirt but these are what came to mind first. Oh yeah, the smell of summer is here. It made me want to put on my rollerblades anyway the other day and has made me determined to want to go diving again.

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