Friday, June 10, 2005

Funny Dogs!

I awoke at 8 am and checked on Katie because for the first time I left her outside for the night leashed to the deck. Normally she is put in the garage at night and because it is darker in there she sleeps late. Anyhow, both she and Jake were sleeping away. Jake is a good boy and does not bother her. All he seems to do is to steal any rawhide bones I give her when we has his own that he hides or buries somewhere in the yard.

So I go upstairs and check the cyberknife society message board where I have been consulting with some other cyberknife doctors from around the country. Nobody seems to have a clear idea of what is happening to me and my side effects and digression are rather rare. It has been suggested that maybe I should have surgery to remove the dead tumor from the experts here. Therefore, I finish writing an email to one of the doctors elsewhere in the country (both did not think surgery should be exercised unless I was suffering from edema, hydrocephalis, or a serious compromise to the brainstem).

After I finished explaining the details of the MRI reports and the tumor size I went downstairs to check on Katie. It was nearly 9 am and she was definitely awake! Somehow she had managed to pull this great big floral pot on wheels over to her area. Fortunately I had not planted anything in it yet since the daffodils this spring. Here she was standing up in the middle of the pot with her front paws on the deck railing. Her tail was just a wagging! I have no idea what she was doing. Maybe she had to take a leak and I was not done there to let her off leash. Perhaps instead of peeing on the deck she chose to pee in the pot. I really don't know.

When I took her out in the yard to go to the bathroom it did not include number 1. Thus that leads me to conclude that is what she was doing standing in the pot as it still had some daffodil greenery in it that looked somewhat like grass.

Hey mom does this remind you of something? LOL :o)

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Steven said...

Heya Becks, I just got back from the Acoustic Neuroma Assoc national symposium in Orlando (was able to drive from Tampa or could never have done it.) These Drs are supposed to be the world leaders in AN treatment and research, and I picked up a couple of business cards. Let me know if you'd like their contact info.