Sunday, June 01, 2008

Premiere Day of the Quest4NF

Today is the premiere of my quest4NF series of events which will begin with the NF challenge 5 K run. It ends up I did not need the bed shaker to wake up as I awoke an hour early to my nose bleeding profusely again for the 5th time since yesterday morning. (When I was getting ready to meet my friend Skip and putting my makeup on, all of a sudden blood started pouring from my nose.)

I have spent the last half hour in bed choking on my own blood draining down my throat while waiting for the darn leak to clot. My worries are of it starting to bleed while I am running which not be good. I will have to carry a packet of tissues with me just in case. If it does start, I will have to walk with my head back so that it will clot again. Yet, I said I was going to run and have been training to do so. Thus, I am going to hold to my word unless I absolutely have to stop due to this problem (it bleeds really bad everywhere like if you have a terrible runny nose). I have a bad problem with my nose running everytime I run no matter if it is really hot out. So I am hoping it does not instigate a nose bleed.

Aside from the nose bleed I was really lethagic and sore yesterday. I completely took the day off from walking and lifting weights at the gym to recover. I last ran on tuesday, last went to the gym on Wednesday, and last walked on Thursday so I don't know what the deal is. I did not wake super early and I was yawning all afternoon. Around 5 pm I stopped at Home Depot and was too tired to go into the store to make a return. Thus I fell asleep and took a nap in my truck for almost an hour!

Under the circumstances, I will really have to force myself to run this morning. I will take some iron and multi-vitamins again and hope that they help. I gotta go get ready!

Thank you sincerely to all who have donated to my quest so far! You are helping to provide motivation for me to run today and to not give up and believe I can make a difference! So once again, I am extremely gracious!

Here is the link again to my fundraising page to check my progress or generously make a donation:

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