Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank you Skip!

In reference to the post "Wow! Dilemma!"

A couple weeks ago I posted about my need for a special alarm clock which shakes the bed to wake me up. My old one had broken and Harley was not home to wake me as he has been doing since we had to trash the old one. Because it is a special alarm clock not sold in regular stores, I could not get one where I lived and the closest store where this type of clock could be purchased was not only located in Seattle but closed the day I needed to buy it.

Fortunately my friend Skip, who lives in a neighboring town, was able to lend me his. When I went over to his house to pick it up, he told me that he bought a new one for a friend who had not used it. Apparently this friend, who is in retirement, did not have a need to wake at a certain time so had not even taken it out of the box yet.

Skip told me that he was going to see his friend that weekend and find out if she was planning to use the clock and if not he would give her something else as he knew someone who could really use it.

Well to my fortune it all worked out! I kept Skip's clock that I had borrowed and he kept the new one he bought that his friend did not use. These clocks are hard to come by and not cheap either so I greatly appreciate Skip's cheerful generosity! I will definitely get lots of use out of it!

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