Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 month post surgery anniversary

Yay! I made it one month post surgery with a very remarkable and rapid recovery! Above are my photos immediately after my surgery 1 month ago today when I was in the recovery room and ICU. I am pictured with our friend KC while Harley takes the photo. When waking up from a brain surgery, it is rather common to be nauseated and for me, I tend to vomit. First of all, the being revived part is a huge shock to the body and a difficult one for mine. This time however, was much more tolerable. Because I ate smart the day prior and kept it light and not spicy, there was not much to vomit and it did not burn my esophagus or mouth. I threw up a little but in the photo I am dry heaving more than anything. It is not fun but I felt more like I could handle it this time.

After my 2007 surgery was a terrifying experience which I have been dreading for 2 years as I knew I needed another surgery (I put it off as long as I could). Back then, I reacted violently to the anesthesia and the revival process where I was rudely awaken by chills, convulsions, and constant hard vomiting. This time they used different drugs to bring me to consciousness more slowly which was so much better!

So today
-not too incredibly exciting as I have been suffering bad migranes all day and another one is coming on at the moment. So my production was all shot for the day and I actually took a real "rest" day where I did not go to the gym or walk the dogs. As a matter of fact, I took 2 naps and got an additional 4-4.5 hours of sleep!

I HAVE been back to the gym and it felt great! My first day was Monday which was exactly 1 month since my last visit (Oct 16th before we left for Oregon). I also managed to go last night and do some resistance exercises, abs, and some very light weight lifting on my arms. After not working them at all for a month due to medical restriction, it felt heavenily to put them to use.

My weight did pretty good (lost 3 lbs but then gained 8-10 which I had planned for). I have about 5 lbs of fat I gained to lose. I know it is fat because when once I could eat again and was on steroids, I sort of went nuts eating anything I wanted binging on all sorts of sweets. I have been trying to wean myself off chocolate (the after halloween candy on sale sure did not help matters) and eat more normal healthy food. However, I cannot seem to break myself of that gigantic container of chocolate covered raisens Harley opened which was intended as a gift for a friend (sorry Mike!).

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