Monday, November 16, 2009

12 miles

I know I wanted to take you back and I will but I also wanted to post a quick update with photos. As you now know, I am training to walk the Seattle half marathon this month. I have had some bad muscle pain this week from steroid withdrawal and was hurting pretty badly friday night. Yet, I managed to get in some very last minute training very quickly before it gets too close to the event. I trudged through 36 miles this week in the cold, rain, and even the dark by head lamp! (probably about 4 or 5 hours). Then yesterday, my sister, who is walking the half marathon with me, and I completed our long training session of about 12 miles yesterday in the rain on the Preston-Fall City trail east of where we live. So I have covered 48 miles in 8 consecutive days. Today will be a rest day and we will probably take the dogs on a nice leisurely walk at the dog park.

Oh, and I officially registered for the marathon at the Foot Zone after our walk. Yes! So I am really going to do it! :)

To see photos of our adventure, click HERE.
P.S. - the above link should now work to view the photos. I had not finished captioning them earlier and forgot to add the link. Sorry.

Have a wonderful week!

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