Monday, January 25, 2010

First hike of 2010 on day 3 South Beach

This year we have been quite lucky with warm weather and no snow at the lower altitudes and sea level. As a result, I am fortunate enough to start hike season WAY early!

After my fall 2007 surgery, my sister and I still encountered snow half way up this same trail on Tiger mountain in April 2008. So we did not really get in hiking very much except to go on a few lower trails in the spring. Further, my balance was no where near as good as it is now. I would not have even considered hiking alone back then. Yet friday was my 10th solo elevation hike since last summer -the first hike to 2522 feet 3 months post surgery (92 days to be exact)! Awesome!, eh?

What is even cooler is that I reached the summit in 1 hour 15 minutes even with my legs tired from a 36 minute run, 15 minute stair climb at level 10, and upper body resistance training workout the day prior. PLUS.......I had no SUGAR OR CARBS other than vegetables! Woohoo! Am I on fire or what?

I was slightly concerned about my endurance under these conditions but I just kept on pushing only stopping for a few brief seconds to take sips off my hydropack. I had no other choice really if I wanted to reach the top. For those who know me well, once I get hiking a mountain I do not want to quit before reaching the top (my reward for a job well done).

I got out late, starting up the mountain at 2:48 pm. Thus I had to keep going at a certain pace in order to get up and down the mountain by dark.

Catch me later in the day to see more photos. Happy Monday! :-)

As promised, I am doing better this week at posting the photos in a more timely fashion. Visit the following link to see more photos from the hike with descriptions. There is an option to view them in slideshow format if you rather not click on each one or scroll through.

Day 3 Menu


Egg beaters cooked with spinach, mushroom, ham, and reduced fat shredded cheese
(this time I tried using no salt seasoning to add more flavor without the sodium)
1 cup coffee with 1 sugar substitute packet


Chocolate muscle milk light protein shake
28 wasabi soy almonds dispersed throughout the morning into the afternoon

Prehike energy drink:
diet FRS powder packet

6 fresh asparagas spears wrapped in 4 slices of lean ham lunch meat
1 slice of lean corned beef lunch meat
14oz can of V8

Snack: (on the way home from hike)

1 sandwich bag full of celery
1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese


1 roasted red pepper asagio chicken sausage
oven roasted veggies (artichoke, mushroom, and red, green and orange pepper)
1 cup steamed cauliflower with 2 tbsp queso salsa cheese sauce


Anonymous said...

Your motivation and resilience are so inspiring!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! :-)