Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Into Winter - 38 days post surgery

A month after surgery we sprang into the holiday season by kicking off with Thanksgiving at our place and taking my mom to the Belleuve botanical garden. Two days after turkey day is opening night of the fabulously creative Christmas light display known as "Garden d'Lights" where spring is still blooming in December! Here, volunteers build the most spectacular and marvelous floral and garden arrangements as well as animals all out of tiny Christmas lights!

The event is an annual tradition for me that I CANNOT miss!

To see my online photo album of the other wonderful displays which include a mini vineyard, a corn patch, a pond and creek made out of lights, and an aquarium filled with sealife all made out of colored lights, click on the following link:
Paste the above url in your browser.

The vibrant displays are simply delightful! ;-)

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