Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Egg Coloring Extravaganza

Easter egg coloring/decorating and hiding/hunting is a family tradition my sister and I GREATLY look forward to. Her hands are very steady compared to mine so she is much more skilled than I at creating beautiful eggs! Every year we try to come up with something unique. Notice the yellow NF Endurance egg and the Climb for NF2 egg I made!. The writing on the blue Kili egg is pretty sloppy but it was a white crayon and I could not see what I was writing and just hoped for the best. On the back of the egg I painted Harley's name and drew a sketch of the mountain. The dye on the NF endurance egg ran because I wrote the name on the egg with a blue marker before dying it yellow. On the next post you will see how I painted purple butterflies on the bright green egg (the color representing NF Inc. and butterflies which is the NF2 mascot).

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