Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More Eggcellent Fun!

Pictured are some of the eggs we hid for the scavanger hunt. We each hid about 47-50 eggs (my sister and I) for a total of 100. She hides the real eggs and the other half were fake eggs that she put clues inside. Then I wake up and go hunting. When I am finished finding all mine, I write up the clues I have created the night before onto little slips of paper that I put inside each egg. Then I hide all fake eggs with clues in each egg hinting to the location of the next with the grand finale being the hidden location of each family member's easter basket.

Note the teal blue (the NF2 color) Kili egg with Harley's name - he is the founder of the Help Stop NF2 nonprofit and also the coordinator of the Kilimanjaro expedition for 10-10-10. The picture of Mt Kilimanjaro looked kind of sad so we don't see that part. LOL The bright green egg with purple butterflies is the NF2 egg.

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