Friday, April 16, 2010

My Weakness

So much for my South Beach success and my dream of 17% body fat composition - the starting range of an athlete! LOL Two months later and I regained the 10 lbs I lost. So I need to start over. I confess after Valentine's day I went nuts! There were all the post Valentine's day chocolates and then the stores stocked the shelves with the Easter surplus. I took all of our easter candy and put it into a big tin and used a step ladder to stash it away in the far upper recesses of the bedroom closet. I have wishful thinking/hopes that maybe my terrible short term memory will forget about it.

So now I am back to square one. I started abstaining from candy and processed sugars Monday but then I had some glazed pecans I bought Wednesday and some M&Ms and a recess egg and bunny today when I pulled out the tin to empty more AFTER easter stock.

This time due to the nutritional demands of my training, I will not be cutting out carbs completely. I am suffering from fatigue which we figure is a side effect of my post NIH trip/Big Climb illness. Now that I am in full swing of the half marathon training and hiking weekly, I need to consume complex carbs for endurance energy.

Hopefully I will gain some will power and not dig into "the stash" or have a shopping breakdown.

The picture above is from the last day my mother-in-law, Cheryl, visited to accompany me on my NIH followup appointments last month. One of my favorite restaurants is the Desert Fire in Redmond which offers a Sunday brunch we had never been to. We decided that it would be fun to take her there for her last day. Wouldn't you know they had HUGE platters of chocolate chip cookies and really good Mexican cocoa.

Now how can one resist that temptation? Yes. I am very weak! ;-)

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