Saturday, July 22, 2006

Holy Heat Wave!

WOW! It is unusually hot here! This morning practice was fortunately early enough before it became TOO HOT! I walked 4.81 miles in an hour and 10 minutes. For the first time through my training I carried water with me AND drank it!

This morning I checked the forecast to know what I should wear. It had said that it was already in the 70s before 8 am and the high was to be 90 degrees. I just checked the thermometer hanging in the kitchen window and it looks like they were correct. It is so hot that it is hard to breath and I keep napping since I got home. I just cannot seem to stay awake in this heat.

I am sitting here right now with a cold gel pack (for a sports injury) on my head. No I did not injure my head fortunately but it is the only method I can use to stay alert. It is hard to think of what I am doing and it feels like my brain is frying! Since this in an insanely bizarre occurrence, we don't have AC because we don't need it. The NW must definitely be setting some kind of heat record here. Here is the weather forecast for the town nearest to us:

Yesterday was worse! By 11:30 am it was 89 degrees and the truck temp read 106 degrees at 4:30 in the afternoon. I waited until the evening hoping it would cool so I could take the dogs for a walk. Never happened. I was supposed to also go to an ASL social but the heat made me fall asleep when I lied down to rest my eyes for a few moments. Fortunately yesterday was a day of rest on my training schedule. I am really hoping it cools down tonight so I can take the dogs for a walk.

Keep cool!

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