Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More of my Little Halloween Cuties

Pictures taken October 31, 2007 our walk in Issaquah, WA. Katie is pictured on the left and Jake on the right.


Kim said...

CUTE!! I LOVE it when people dress up their dogs for Halloween! hahaha! I used to take my dog Sam out with the kids. He loved it. His friend Katie, a Corgi always dress up as a witch. Sam usually wore his cowboy costume. Actually, since he was prone to having accidents in the house, he normally wore jeans all the time so on Halloween it was just a matter of tying a little western scarf arond his neck. He was a Cocker and not very bright, but I did love him and I miss him. He too had many medical problems and took steroids most his life. Anyway--thanks for sending me your blog!! I'm putting it on my favorites list in my blog and sending it to someone who promised to read it.

Rebecca said...

THANKS! If I had the energy and knew how to sew I would make really cool costumes. I had the idea that I wanted Jake to be Robin Hood and Katie a woodland pixie. LOL But it is just that......a nice thought and fantasy as I have no motivation or talent to do all that work. :o)

My sister has a Boston Terrier who dressed as batman. It was fantastic and hilarious! The costume was perfect for him and he wore it well while passing out treats.