Friday, November 16, 2007

Update on Tastes

I am still eating the green tea wasabi peanuts. They have totally become my favorite thing now! I snack on them several times a day (just a few as I cannot swallow too many due to dry mouth; I have to drink water while eating them).

Sweet things are not sitting too well with me yet depending on what it is. Last Saturday we went out to dinner at Chili's with my sister and DJ and I ordered the Caribbean Grilled chicken salad which I did not find satisfying at all. It sounded good (topped with pineapple and mandarins with a lime vinegarette). That is the thing...sometimes food looks good from my memory of it but then the taste is another story.

I tried to eat the chicken off of it and the lettuce with no dressing. Yet the chicken was too dry for me to swallow. Later I switched with my sister as she had the asian lettuce wraps. LOL It was as if I went from eating pure sugar to pure salt! Thank goodness we had a bag of wasabi peanuts in the car for afterward!

I found a something which I totally enjoy and can eat! Apples are a no no for me with my facial paralysis. I have a hard time taking bites out of the apple and not chewing my lip. However, I find that I can still have apples by eating apple sauce or slices. Normally granny smith or green apples are too tart for my taste. Yet, I do enjoy them on salad sparingly and bought a bag of Chiquita green apple slices the other day. This evening I decided to try one and ended up eating nearly the whole bag they were so fantastic!

So that is my new thing - Green Apple Slices

The other night I had vegetarian pizza from Papa Murphies with tomato sauce that agreed with me. Dark chocolate fortunately is something else that I am still able to savor.

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