Monday, November 05, 2007

Seas still a little rocky but calming

The weekend was tough but yesterday evening I started to feel better where I actually accomplished a few things. This morning (just after 8 am) I was nauseated again which interestingly I am getting relief by eating green tea wasabi peanuts which is a new snack at Costco. After eating a couple wasabi peanuts which have become my morning breakfast routine, I ate a cup of cottage cheese and went back to bed with a cold cloth on my swollen eyes.

A few hours later I was dreaming of being in a doctor's office to investigate my current symptoms. I awoke to another frontal headache which was not as severe as the others and was remedied with acetmetiphin.

I am doing well enough today that I am planning on driving to the trail in Carnation and taking a walk with the dogs. They are pretty bummed out that we did not go all weekend and have been moping around. (If you know me well, you know that I really must have not been feeling good at all to have not even went outside let alone for a walk.)

I am looking forward to gaining my strength and for recovery to be on the upswing from here on out! It is time to get back my life.

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