Monday, November 05, 2007

The Wellness Table - Thank You :o)

Above is what I call my "Wellness Table". In the kitchen we moved the table all the way against the wall and set a nice cheery cloth on it with dried hydrageas from our yard. The vase the hydrageas are in is a very special gift from my sister with the saying "Beauty Can Be Found in Diversity" by the poet Maya Angelo. The idea was to have things clean and positive for when I returned. Upon return home, we setup all the cards and flowers on this table which greeted me each morning with a reminder of your support and good vibes for recovery.
While in the hospital and after, I recieved many nice surprises of flowers, balloons and cards. I would like to extend a special thank you to those of you who were so thoughtful to send them! Your kindness means the world to me and your sentiments have been incredibly uplifting! As a patient I have come to realize just how important this kind of support is in keeping a positive outlook on recovery. I was very elated each time I opened a card and a special delivery was made!
The flowers really brightened my hospital room and were a joy to see each day. One bouquet had very aromatic roses that permeated the room and reminded me of my lovely visit to the Portland rose garden the day before surgery. Again, thank you so much! The balloons in my room brought extra cheer to being there and the yellow happy face balloons gave me a sunny outlook.
I am the sentimental type. I have taken photos of all the flowers which I plan to put in a scrapbook with all the cards. The book will be titled the "NF2 Odyssey" after my blog and journey through Neurofibromatosis.
Now I just have to find some creative artsy scrapbook people to help me make it. Any takers? ;o)
Also, a special thanks I would also like to extend to friends and family that helped us clean, get ready and also brought over food before and after surgery. We truly appreciate your generosity! :o)

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