Monday, August 25, 2008

Longest Training Sessions in July

The sundays in July are when Harley and I peaked with our longest training mileage of 12, 18, and 15 miles. The sunday between our 18 and 15 milers, we had a short practice of 6 miles because Harley was having an ankle problem and we had to cut it early to go buy him a new pair of trail shoes. He ended up choosing a nice pair of Solomans which I also have for trail running. I am wearing Solomans too but a midcut light hiking boot as I need more support.

Here is a funny recap of our 18 miler that I sent out to my email list:

Written July 14th:

It is now less than 2 months before our hike and Harley and I have completed our 2 longest training sessions. A week ago Sunday we traveled 12 miles from North Bend to Rattlesnake Lake and back. I had an excruciating pain behind my left eye which 4 IB Profen tablets did not relieve. I became incredibly nauseated by the time we drove out to the trail. It was our only training day together and I did not want to let anyone down who was counting on me (donors and fellow patients). So despite the throbbing pain and incredible urge to vomit, I decided to tough it out and walk it off which worked! I still had a mild pain but it was at least tolerable. Yesterday we hiked the entire central portion of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Carnation to the trail end at Snoqualmie (an 18.5 mile round trip hike!).

It was a very hot day but we hiked on the mostly tree covered portion that followed up along a ridge at a higher altitude so it was fortunately cooler for us. We did pretty good with our water intake (I think I had about 74 oz and Harley’s hydropack carries about 96 oz.). For food we each went through 1 ½ energy bars, a sport gel, and a packet of sport beans. Harley had an apple too but we were still pretty famished when we came home and treated ourselves to roast chicken, macaroni salad, and Remlinger Farm’s marion blackberry pie (THE BEST!!!).

We were both pretty stiff afterward and Harley’s muscles were very sore so I made him take an ice cold bath. We did not have any ice so it was just the coldest water out of the tap. LOL It was kind of shocking for Harley and funny to watch as I reflected on my first ice bath experience after my longest training session for the Seattle marathon in 2006. Back then, I remember I screamed in shock very loudly when I jumped in! This time I could not wait to get in! Of course it helped that it was a hot day too! ;o) Because I am unable to hear, I could not gage just how stunning it was for Harley but the expression on his face gave me a good idea. Why did I not have a camera?

A trick to tolerate the cold that I learned from my mentor for the Seattle marathon is to sip hot tea. Harley enjoyed the last of our lavender tea while I savored the last tea bag of white raspberry decaf by Stash Tea (a Portland company). After a few moments in the cold water our muscles felt great and I stayed in for quite awhile enthralled with my book by Aron Ralston, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place. The author and some friends had been in an avalanche and before I could get out of the tub I just had to find out if they found their friend buried under the heaps of snow.

Harley is slightly sore today but I feel rather great! I don’t feel any more sore than I would if I had gone for a run the day prior. Let’s hope it does not kick in tomorrow! :o)

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