Thursday, August 28, 2008

Message to Gale


My emails to you are not going through. I did not know how else to reach you and hope that you read this.

Something must be wrong with because some of my family members have the same email service program and all of the emails I sent to them have been returned with a mail delivery failure.

Thank you very kindly for your donation! I have not written hand written thank you notes yet because I am waiting until after the hike next sunday so I can let everyone know how it went.

I don't know how the weather is for you down in Oregon but it has cooled off and become rainy out here. Months ago I looked back at last year's forecast for that date and the temp was in the high 50s. So I have planned to wear and bring layers and my rain jacket. I just got my rain pants yesterday from the REI outlet online. I have to try them on today to see which pair fits.

I do not mind hiking in the rain. As a matter of fact I do better in cooler weather than hotter. When I did the Seattle marathon it was snowing the morning before we started!

However, I am hoping there will not be hard or continuous rain on our journey (my husband Harley and I) because I have not broken in my waterproof hiking boots yet. I have been training in my summer non-waterproof pair. I will have to plan to bring some spare socks with me and if my feet get really wet and it is intolerable, I have my phone to text someone to bring my other pair at a point where the trail can be accessed.

I am wearing Salomans which both Harley and I have found to be incredibly comfortable. My feet are used to the hikes so I have not gotten blisters with the exception of one after the 18 mile hike which I did not even notice for a week. So I figure if I can get through the first half with my one pair of broken in boots, I should be ok with the new ones for the second half if need be. My waterproof pair are virtually the same and the same brand so I am pretty confident about them. I have to remember to bring some Nexcare bandages and stuff for blisters in case we have a problem with them.

So a little over a week to go for the big day! Woo! I am getting a little nervous and excited at the same time.

If Jodi Harrington can weather heat, snow, rain, and a 35 pound pack at an average of 25 miles a day for 6 months straight, I can surely handle 31.5 miles in a day. Right?

Send me an email to know you got this and what your current address is.

Hope your summer has been well! :o)

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