Thursday, June 09, 2011

Focus on the GOOD

"Good things come to those who wait."

I am using a great deal of symbolism here in my latest posts if you have not already caught on. I am a very DEEP person and I think that could be a part of what has gotten me through the roller coaster of life traumas I have been riding.

I opened my email yesterday to find an advertisement to a charity shopping newsletter I get with this very fitting quote I need at the moment.

The pictures are from our quest to find peace before the surgery by visiting the tulip fields up north on May 1st (the very tailend of the festival but was actually timing of spectacular bloom because it was cold longer this year). We also journeyed with the dogs to Deception Pass where a very tall bridge connects the main land mass to Whidbey island on the far northern point over a very narrow straight between the main waterway. For me I really needed the peaceful beauty of the tulips and Harley the water (which I like too and is a bonus!).

Yesterday my quote book read:

"As God's workmanship, we deserve to be treated, and to treat ourselves, with affection and affirmation, regardless of our appearance or performance."

- Mary Ann Mayo

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