Thursday, June 09, 2011

For Your Eyes Only

Top photo: Dr. Stephen of the Facial Plastic clinic numbing my eyelid
Middle photos: On the left Dr. Furr, with the cool hat with lobsters on it that I liked, and Dr. Stephen performing surgery on my eyelid while a resident/student observes; it is a teaching hospital
What Dr. Stephen is holding with a pair of tweezers type tool is the literal gold weight that was implanted in my eyelid to help it to close.

Bottom photo: me after the procedure with OX or maybe it was before because I look pretty good; so yeah that must be before the procedure
By the way, OX, that green alien looking thing is the comforting and cuddly pillow doll Merrie gave me. That is why a photo of me with it is posted on my last blog post.

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