Sunday, June 05, 2011

Thank You My Brother and Densie for the Energizer Flowers!

In addition to my beautiful sister, I have a wonderful brother down in San Diego. We arranged the surgery in a very short amount of time (discovering the tumor growth in March and then making a decision and scheduling the surgery for May in April). Hence, he was unable to be here but he and his wife surprised me with a beautiful and very LONG lasting floral arrangement. I have enjoyed the flowers the entire time I have been here at my parent's home in Oregon.

I am going home to Washington state today and mom and I were just commenting at the breakfast table this morning about how the arrangement is finally starting to peter out. Take a gander at the flowers in the bouquet to remember when you want to send some cheer to someone. The purple and yellow sprays go on forever and you can make a dried arrangement out of them with the small red mum type flowers and the yellow spray roses. SURPRISINGLY, this particular red daisy lasted a very long time! And the astromelia lilies (yellow but come in an array of other colors) are long lasting too.

Thanks Scott and Denise! I enjoyed their festive and bright cheer every morning and at every meal everyday! :)

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