Wednesday, March 16, 2005

One of the hazards of becoming deaf

You will not believe what I just did!!!! I cannot even believe it.......well I can but it is just frustrating. I have been up since 5 am working on cleaning the house. I only took two small breaks to write the two posts and while eating breakfast and an early lunch.

Anyhow, I had vacumned the whole house and the wind tunnel filter was chuck full of dust. So for the first time I decided to soak and then wash it. In the midst of letting the kitchen sink fill up, I heated up my lunch and ventured upstairs to look up what a nystagmus was. I completely forgot that I left the water running in the sink! When I finished lunch and my post I returned to the kitchen to find my nicely cleaned floors had become a giant wading pool around the sink. In addition, a great deal of the water flowed under the sink somehow and I had to take the time to sponge it up by hand and take all the contents out from under the sink.

Sometimes it seems like when I get a step ahead, I am thrown two more steps back. Often due to my balance problems and difficulty with my hands sometimes, I spill and make lots of messes that I have to take the time to clean up. It took about 45 minutes out of my day to clean up the overflowing sink. I think I need to take a break and go soak in the hot tub before I have to do everything else I need to do today.

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Angel said...

Just don't leave the tub running while your in it!!! Geezuz woman!! I love ya, but Geezuz!! You worry me!