Wednesday, February 16, 2005

02-14-05 Daily Report

So how did it go today? Well it was okay. You already read about my headaches. The biggest complication I had today was the pain in my right eye. Many of you are probably not aware that I am suffering from facial palsy on my right side (52% nerve function) although it seems like I can barely move the right side of my face. As a result, it makes closing my right eye more difficult and blinking delayed.

Yesterday when I was washing my face with St. Ives facial cleanser, I could not keep a tight enough seal on my eye lid. Therefore, when I rinsed my face, a microbead from the cleanser got swept into my eye and trapped under the upper eye lid. It stung immediately and I rinsed it to no avail. Harley doused it with Opti-free rinse and it felt a little better after keeping it shut for a half hour.

This morning however, my eye was all red and sore. I kept putting artificial tears in it. I was going to try to drive to Costco in Issaquah (I think about 15-20 miles away) but once I got on the road my eye was burning and I could not read anything out of it. The bright sun was also very irritating in the direction of my travel. So I went back home and drove on the nearly bare country roads to the trail nearby the house (about 6 miles) and in the opposite direction.

I got nauseated again prior to the walk with the dogs. I ate some cottage cheese which seems to help (dairy products seem to calm the stomach). I felt nausea later in the evening after waking from my nap (about 7:30 pm). I seemed to be getting another headache which I think was from the eye pain. So I took some more excedrin. All evening I seemed to be experiencing dizziness and nausea. I have tried reading a book and working at the computer. In addition I have been trying to drink lots of water.

Tomorrow I am making an emergency appointment with the eye doctor as my eye seems to be getting worse and I am putting drops into it every half hour or less. I probably scratched the cornea for the second time.

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