Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Saturday was a tough day.

On Saturday I awoke at 6:30 am with the start of another headache. I did not want to become dependent on pain medication so I had been trying to wait as long as I could to see if the headaches would pass. WRONG ANSWER! I tried to fall back asleep and lied there uncomfortably until 7:48 am when I could no longer stand it.

I went downstairs to take some excedrin. Immediately I felt a burst of energy bubble up in my gut and I sprang for the bathroom shooting out the contents of the meal the night before and all the water I drank that morning. I laid in the downstairs daybed rocking back and forth and moaning. I was too sick to get up and try to prepare myself something to eat.

Within an hour or half hour (I have no idea really), Harley got up and was so kind as to cook me some plain cream of wheat. I went to the table and nearly puked in my bowl after taking a promethazine (prescription antinausea medication) and 4 bites of the cereal. After that I laid back in the daybed.

Harley tried to get me to drink water because I was extremely dehydrated at that point. I was terrified to do so because I felt my stomach grumbling and it felt at any moment I would puke again. After a while I was able to take the tiniest of sips and down another half pill of promethazine. I lied there for a half hour waiting for it to kick in. My head still hurt so I had to try to take some more excedrin (the previous ones came out with everything else).

This time I tried really hard to hold down the water and pills. In my attempt to do so I vomited all over myself, the blanket and the bear I was holding. Fortunately it was just water as I had nothing else left in my gut. The excedrin stayed down however. I was too sick to care if I was messy so I laid down and slept until the afternoon when I was able to feel good enough to get up and wash everything.

The second dose of promethazine must have stayed down as I was EXTREMELY tired and lethargic that day. However, my appetite returned and I was able to enjoy and nice bowl of chicken vegetable soup and a piece of veggie pizza. Later that evening I was able to take in a good movie too.

LOL - Sorry to be so graphic! You should hear my great puke story from the Escanaba state fair many years ago! I do not think anyone could top it!

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