Monday, February 21, 2005


It is amazing how exhausted I am becoming! I am still a little nauseated when moving around but I deal with it and do not take the promethazine. If I were to take it, I fear I would never be awake for more than a couple hours each day! As it is I feel like I am sleeping my life away!

The headaches seem to be occurring about the same (twice a day and I take the excedrin right away before it gets bad). I am able to walk the flat trail without my hiking stick but I am still bumping around everywhere in the house.

It has been an incredibly gorgeous rain and beautiful sun! Thus it is disappointing that I am sleeping so much. I got up at nearly noon again and took 3 naps!

I really had to motivate myself to go walking. The whole walk out I felt like turning around because I was so tired and just was not into it. My sight was somewhat disoriented from the nystagmism and my eyes being dry. Therefore the walk was not as enjoyable as it could be as I could not see that far in front of me and my sight kept bouncing up and down and shifting around me.

The walk back was better as the sun was at my back and I had a chance to look at th detail of the trees. It got me thinking back to an episode during my honeymoon when we were in Honduras (in the jungle outside of La Ceiba which is the mainland). Looking at the moss and ivy on the trees reminded me of the epiphytes in central america. I also remembered the trees being the largest I have ever seen in my life! They literally dwarf the largest trees here.

All this got me thinking of a very funny episode when Harley jumped into a pool of water formed by an amazing waterfall system. All of a sudden he got this terrified look on his face and he yelled in terror as he jumped out of the pool of water faster than I have ever seen him move! Meanwhile I was videotaping everything. Apparently he felt something brush past his leg ( anaconda??). Here we thought we were all alone in the jungle and we came to discover that Harley's shrill scream startled the teenagers making out on the rock directly above us!

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