Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Poem - The Battered Dream Ship by Edgar Guest

Oh, once I sent a ship to sea,
and Hope was on her bow,
But Time has brought her back to me
and Wisdom's painted now;
Yes, Time has brought me many things
and some of them were good.
And some of them were failure's stings
I little understood.

When Hope set forth the dream was fair,
the sea was calm and blue,
I knew men met with storms out there
and had to ride them through;
But still I dreamed my ship would ride
and weather every blow,
For Hope flings many a truth aside
which Wisdom comes to know.

The storms have come with bitter cold,
I've prayed unto the Lord,
I've had false cargoes in the hold
and thrown them overboard;
I've trimmed my sails to meet the gale,
I've cut my journey short;
With battered hulk and battered sail
at last I've come to port.

'Tis not enough to hope and dream,
for storms will surely rise,
However smooth the sea may seem,
'tis there disaster lies;
And I have learned from time and stress,
that those who ride the wave,
And come at last to happiness
must suffer and be brave.

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