Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What a Beautiful Day it was!

Well even though I was really tired and had to take a nap before and afterward I was able to enjoy a little time outdoors. It was gorgeous out today! This afternoon I took the dogs for a walk on our usual Snoqualmie-Valley trail out by Carnation. The temperature was about 41 degrees but it felt warmer on our walk. The mountains were so beautiful in the distance with freshly fallen snow on their peaks.

I really miss being in the mountains. The last time I was hiking in the mountains was with my friend Yumi in September and I made a trip to Paradise at Mt. Rainier with my parents. Yumi and I took the dogs to Evergreen mountain one time and to Little Si another. On little Si I fell several times while using hiking poles and I threw up a few times but it was fantastic to make it to the top! I am the type of person that if I start climbing a mountain it is hard to turn back. I long to be at the summit so I kept going even though I was not feel that hot. Soon I hope to return. When I walk the trail with the dogs I see Big Si in the distance and I can't wait to hike up it again!

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