Monday, March 21, 2005

Can't sleep!

Hi. I am up early because I cannot sleep. I think I slept about 3 hours and then I was up at 3 am and stayed up until 4 am and decided it was finally time to try to get some sleep. I have been lying there ever since and have not been able to go to sleep. So I got up just before 6 am to take out the recycling. I did not think they collected it this week but on the way back from town last night I noticed all the other drives had their recycling bin out.

I started the taper off the steroids on friday. That means I went from 4 mg of decadron a day to 2 mg a day and boy did I feel that on Saturday. I slept alot on and off yesterday because it was rainy anyhow. I will write more about how my week went. All in all it was good and pretty busy.

Maybe I cannot sleep due to all the excitement that will be happening this week.

Here is what is pondering my mind while I was trying to rest:

Today I have to make up asl card games for my meetup group this week and family vacation.
I want to get my haircut today or tomorrow and I am contemplating what color to dye it.
I am really excited for the Potluck/asl meetup I am hosting at my house on Wednesday night.
Thursday we leave for the family vacation on the Oregon coast (Lincoln City). So I have to run through the grocery list, packing list, itinerary list and make sure I have everything ready.
Finish laundry and cleaning before potluck and vacation.

My thinking is by writing this post and maybe taking a quick soak in the tub it will relax me a little so I can get a few hours of sleep. I do have to finish making up the cards before Harley goes into work tonight because he is going to use the laminating machine for them. Speaking of which, I discovered that laminating sheets are really expensive! I remember in college when we used to go to the library and laminate magazine pictures like mad to cover the drury cinder block walls of the dorm. I recall it being quite cheap back then (but of course this was over 10 years ago and I had the benefit of being a student....LOL). Ahh sometimes reality bites!

Have a great start to your week!


Angel said...

Go get some sleep woman!

Rebecca said...

Now that I have tapered to a half dose of the steroids again and they doubled my dosage of diamox, I am getting more sleep. I am alot more tired during the day and need to take naps.