Monday, March 14, 2005

University of Washington Graduation Ceremony June 2004

Ramie (one of my life savers) and I. Posted by Hello

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Rebecca said...

Ramie was one of five "real time captioners" that I had help me out through grad school. Seeing as I was progressively losing hearing to the point of no speech recognition, Ramie and the other captioners job was to type my lectures verbatum and I would read the dialogue on a computer laptop screen. LOTS OF READING ALL DAY!

What they do is similiar to court reporting (when you see someone typing everything up in court) except this is real time "raw" dialogue and unedited so it is very fast.

They do not use a standard keyboard either but a special keypad where each key is a combination of letters that they have to determine on the spot the right combination to make words. Don't ask me how they do it as my brain would definitely get confused! Anyhow, these ladies are absolutely amazing!

Special thanks to all of you captioners who helped me get through school with this wonderful accommdation: Jodi Andrews, Lisa Hutchinson, Else Meek, Ramie Peckham, and Darlene Pickard. I will always be indebted to you! :o)